“Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, they make this world a beautiful garden.”

🏫 Welcome back to Shubh International School Akhnoor for the new session 2024-2025! 📚🎒 This day marked a special day as our learners stepped into a new chapter of learning and fun. 😊💫

They were welcomed with joyful melodies and heartwarming songs sung by our talented teacher. 🎵🌟

Our stars entered with big smiles, excited for the adventures that await them in another class. 🌟✨ The air was filled with enthusiasm and curiosity as they explored their new surroundings. 🌈📝

Our dedicated teachers were there with open arms, ready to welcome and guide each child with warmth and care. 🤗💕 The classrooms were adorned with colorful boards, showcasing the names of our dear learners , making them feel special and cherished right from the start. 🎨🌟

Here’s to a fantastic year ahead and to NewBeginnings

🌈🎒✨filled with learning, laughter, and cherished memories! 📚✨🌈






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