5th ANNUAL DAY CELEBRATIONS AT Shubh International School Akhnoor –
Celebrating a year of Success and Achievement!”

This is the moment of the year when we should pause and rejoice in our accomplishments! We have accomplished a lot this year, and now is the moment to unite and express our gratitude for all of the effort. So let’s wish our school luck as we look forward to another fantastic year! Welcome to the annual day at our school! For all the parents and children who participated enthusiastically in our great occasion, it is an honour and a joy. we would like to take this chance to express our gratitude to all of the instructors, employees, and volunteers who have given so much of their time and efforts to making our school such a wonderful place. We were honoured to have [Sunaina Mam] join us for Day 1 as our Chief guest ,Akhil Sadhotra , Hon.SDM Akhnoor, Surinder Singh Hon.Tehsildar, Mohan Lal Hon.SDPO Akhnoor as Guest of Honour, Dr. Atul Hans, Director IDRS Jammu , Sandeepan Gupta Sr. Lecturer as Special Guest. We are incredibly appreciative of [their] presence. Students have demonstrated their loyalty to their nation by honouring its old culture through dance performances, plays, the construction of pyramids and shlokas chanting. We appreciate everyone who came out to celebrate Annual Day. I want to express our gratitude to all the educators, students, and parents who helped make this occasion so great. We hope that our school will always be a place where students may learn and develop. Every student’s potential will be helped to the fullest extent possible by Shubh International SchoolAkhnoor. we want to thank you once more for being here with us today. Let’s keep celebrating the achievements of our school and our country.

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